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Buys & Sells 20th Century American Paintings
By These And Many Other Artists.
Highest Prices Paid. Signed works only. Confidential and Prompt Reply.
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Traditional Artists Available

George Ames Aldrich
Al Barker
John Bentley
Paul Black
Jay Hall Connaway
John Dowd
Charles Ebert
John Joseph Enneking
Joseph Eliot Enneking
Walter Parson Shaw Griffin
Samuel W. Griggs
Charles P. Gruppe
Emile A. Gruppe
Aldro T. Hibbard
William Kaula
Maud Knowlton
Nelson Augustus Moore
Sergio Roffo
Eugene Thomason
George W. Whitaker

Traditional Artists Wanted

Johann Berthelsen
Olive Parker Black
Hugh H. Breckenridge
Alfred Thompson Bricher
Harrison Bird Brown
William Mason Brown
George Matthew Bruestle
Martha Cahoon
Ralph Cahoon
Benjamin Champney
C K Chatterton
Walter Clark
Bruce Crane
William F. De Haas
Edward Dufner
Charles Warren Eaton
Nancy Maybin Ferguson
James McDougal Hart
William Hart
George M Hathaway
Eric Hudson
Wilson Henry Irvine
Max Kuehne
Carl Lawless
Dale Nichols
G. L. Noyes
Carl W. Peters
William Preston Phelps
Chauncey F. Ryder
F. H. Shapleigh
James Smillie
Gabriel Spat
Don Stone
George Gardner Symons
Anthony Thieme
Mary Bradish Titcomb
Harry Aiken Vincent
Agnes Weinrich
Gustave Wiegand
Andrew Winter
Mabel Woodward


A fine art gallery of American paintings from the 19th and early 20th century by listed artists.
Our online gallery features selections from our inventory of landscape paintings, portrait paintings and marine art.

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