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Blue Heron Fine Art Free Appraisal Week — Blue Heron Fine Art Blog

Blue Heron Fine Art Free Appraisal Week

by Jim Puzinas on July 22, 2009

Ever wonder what that painting you inherited from grandma is worth?

Have you purchased a painting from an antique shop and wondered about its true value?

Through August 1st, Blue Heron Fine Art is offering free verbal* appraisals on paintings done by American artists.  If you have a signed, original painting by a non-living American artist, our gallery can provide you with a free verbal assessment of your painting’s worth.

Jim Puzinas exhibiting at the Boston International Fine Art Show

Jim Puzinas as exhibiting at the Boston International Fine Art Show photo courtesty Carol Sims, Antiques and the Arts Weekly

All you need to do is send digital .jpg images of your painting to our gallery’s email address, info@blueheronFA.com . Include details such as whether the work is an oil or watercolor, the dimensions (without frame), a picture close-up of the the signature and any other pertinent information that you think may be helpful, such as how you acquired the work.

If you include a phone number where you can be reached, a member of the gallery will call you with your value. Otherwise, the gallery will respond by email.

Blue Heron Fine Art specializes in American paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries. As such, only original paintings by non-living American artists qualify for this special service.

So, take advantage today, to find out just how much your artwork is worth. For Free!



* This free verbal appraisal is not intended to be used for insurance or estate purposes,  either of which may require a formal written appraisal.  Blue Heron Fine Art is a member of the New England Appraisers Association and is qualified to provide written appraisals for an additional fee.

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