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USArtists Show 2010 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts — Blue Heron Fine Art Blog

A Successful 2010 USArtists Show

by Jim Puzinas on October 22, 2010

Blue Heron Fine Art eagerly anticipated the prestigious USArtists fine art show’s return to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) October 1-3, 2010.  For the first time, the show would be housed in PAFA’s  new  Hamilton Building.  Show attendance exceeded 3000, which  was impressive , as were the number and breadth of the sales during the show.


Our gallery sold a charming small 19th c painting by William Hart, several early 20th c Impressionist works, a colorful mid-50’s still life, and several contemporary works. Other works that sold on our floor included an Edward Redfield, a Paul King, and a large Lockwood de Forest.


Lita Solis-Cohen (right) interviewing gallery owner Shelley Brown.


A walk in view to the show floor at the USArtists Show. Edith Branson's paintings prominently displayed received considerable interest.



Equally important, was the reception we received on the 4 paintings by NYC modernist Edith Branson that we displayed in our booth. Blue Heron Fine Art  is reintroducing her works to the marketplace after 70 years of obscurity and acceptance of her work was encouraging. It was particularly rewarding to  have Edith Branson’s grand niece  and  her husband present for such an unveiling.

Edith Branson's grand niece Liz Falvey and her husband Rick.

Edith Branson's grand niece Liz Falvey and her husband Rick, (left) with me.

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Terri October 22, 2010 at 12:57 pm

Lovely! Wish I could have attended. I would love to visit your gallery some day also.

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